Process & Cost Analysis

At Performance Associates, we know that helping customers thrive is good for their business and ours. If a more suitable or cost effective product exists, or if there’s a way to improve how you currently utilize a product, we want you to know about it. We want what’s best for our customers and that includes helping you get the most out of the products we sell.

Our process and cost analysis services, which might involve equipment, consumables or warehouse layout among other items, address key points such as:

  • Identifying cost effective packaging options that increase product safety  during shipping
  • Pinpointing opportunities for personnel efficiency gains in packaging processes and selecting ideal products to lower costs
  • Boosting production line efficiencies through enhancements or automation
  • Optimizing use of space in warehouse and packaging/production areas
  • Maximizing equipment uptime through preventative maintenance programs


The honesty and dedication that come through in our process and cost analysis service are just two reasons we’ve built such a loyal customer base. Contact us today to request a quote or call (678) 714-3385 to gain insight from one of our packaging experts.