Just in Time Inventory Replenishment

Consumable products—boxes, shrink wrap, tape and other items—keep your packaging and shipping department running smoothly, but maintaining inventory of them often isn’t a priority. However, if you run out, packaging and shipping backups or delays can happen quickly, which could lower customer satisfaction.

Never run out of those must-have supplies with inventory replenishment from Performance Associates. We can quickly deliver the items you consistently order and even products you just need once in a while—allowing you to quickly ship product and fulfill orders.

If your needs are pretty consistent, we can set up automatic delivery based on a set schedule or you can order by phone for quick turn-around. While consumables may not be something you think about in the process of manufacturing, quick response and competitive pricing can make a significant impact.

Contact us today to request a quote or call (678) 714-3385 to gain insight from one of our packaging experts.