Reliable Machine Services

At Performance Associates, we understand the importance of a fully-functional packaging department. That’s why our professionals provide the service and expertise to maintain the machines that keep your department running efficiently. From equipment installation to emergency repairs, our goal is always to deliver fast, affordable and quality service.

Emergency Equipment Repair. Backups can quickly happen when a packaging machine breaks down. We minimize disruptions with our 24-hour response time emergency repair service. By keeping parts in stock and maintaining up-to-date training for our staff, we can quick get you back to normal operations. It is one reason many equipment manufacturers rely on us to service their machines.

Preventative Maintenance. If you purchase a stretch film, automatic strapping or other machine from us or another vendor, a preventative maintenance plan can keep it running seamlessly. Often addressed during the sale process, we first assess the machine and the volume running through it. Only then do we determine if a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly plan is appropriate. During maintenance visits, we inspect, adjust and clean the machine, and then replace any worn or questionable parts. Preventative maintenance will keep you in operation and minimize the need for emergency repairs.

Parts Sales. Whether you keep your own stock or just need to order a single part, our parts department maintains a large inventory of parts for quick delivery.

Training. As equipment distributors, our personnel receive extensive training on each machine we sell. Whether you have a new employee or new machine, we offer training on machine operation, maintenance and repair. Suitable for machine operators and internal maintenance personnel, our comprehensive training can increase efficiency and limit downtime.

Installation. We offer installation and integration for every machine sold at Performance Associates to make sure you get the most out of your equipment. Our professionals will come to your facility to properly set up the machine, integrate it with existing control systems and/or conveyors, and ensure proper operation.

Need assistance with your machines? Contact us today for emergency repairs or to set up your preventative maintenance contract.